Spacious Comfort

Fingertip Control

The advanced infra-red emitters heat up quickly to produce maximum output. Simply set the time and temperature, press the on button, and begin enjoying deep soothing and relaxing Soft Heat®....the sauna is ready when you are. The Soft Heat® sauna uses dramatically less power to operate than a traditional sauna. Just pennies a day. The world's largest radiant heat portable sauna. Special touches such as extra deep benches, large doors and window are included for your total relaxation. Soft Heat's® electronic digital control panel produces the precise time and temperature you desire. There are no moving parts to wear wires to burn out. Easy to read Fahrenheit or Celsius LED display.
Testosterone Booster

Offering Soft Heat infra-red radiant heat portable saunas that produce deep, soothing penetrating heat for the relief of arthritis, fibromyalgia, sore backs, muscle aches, and improving circulation.

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